Convention Centre Dublin - Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade

Convention Centre Dublin - Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade

Convention Centre Dublin - Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade

Convention Centre Dublin - Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade

Convention Centre Dublin - Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade

In September 2019, Waveguide undertook one of its biggest and most complex projects to date. The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), in Spencer Docks, Dublin,  designed by Pritzker award-winning architect Kevin Roche, The CCD quickly became a landmark building on Dublin’s skyline when it opened in 2010. Its stunning glass-fronted atrium gives visitors panoramic views of the River Liffey, Dublin City Centre, and the Wicklow mountains.

After being awarded the contract for the upgrade of the Ring Beam Lighting at the CCD, the dynamic team at Waveguide began the process of design, supply, installation, and commissioning of the Video Pixel Linear (VPL) lighting upgrade. Once the design was agreed with the clients, Waveguide set out guidelines and set a projected time frame of 4 weeks to complete this project during normal hours, having outlined and agreed on quantities with the client. Once Site inductions, mobilisation, and site run-through were complete, work began on site on the 16th of September 2019.

Phase one of the project began with internal works - installation of new power supplies & data cabling from the control room to each ring beam. Waveguide's electricians installed new power boxes at the end of each ring beam, ready to connect when new VPL lights were installed.

A week later saw the complex external works begin. Materials and Super booms were delivered to the site in order to begin phase two. The existing RGB strip lighting was removed, in order to allow a good existing ring beam channel to allow for the installation of SGM linkable Video Pixel Linear (VPL) lighting units. Waveguide worked in conjunction with abseilers from Emerald Facility Services for the complex installation. 

The VPL is designed to create powerful pixel mapping and media effects while being versatile and cost-effective. The series includes multiple fixture lengths and a rounded opal diffusion front lens. 

The VPLs are based on an extremely easy, flexible, and reliable system that consists of low-profile fixtures in multi-core single-cable installations, with no external power supplies involved. These weatherproof linears are designed to avoid pixel hotspots while delivering maximum output and have consistent thermal management to ensure superior reliability.

The fixtures have full calibrated in-cluster colour mixing technology to enhance the colour homogeneity for each pixel, achieving multiple colour variations with optimized dynamic control. They offer a large full-colour quad-pixel imaging area to achieve superior output, high visibility, and smooth colour transitions.

Once the installation of thr VPL lighting was completed, Waveguide worked in conjunction with Eclipse Controls who installed and commissioned the Pharos Lighting Control system allowing many dynamic lighting scenes to be displayed 365 days of the year. As each LED is addressable, this allows for powerful pixel mapping and media effects.

Once testing and commissioning was complete, onsite training was delivered to staff at the CCD before hand-over, to allow staff and the onsite lighting specialists to create their own lighting scenes so the CCD can showcase to their own clients. 

The benefits of this upgrade included superior output, high visibility, and smooth colour transactions.




Benefits of VPL Ring Beam Lighting Upgrade include. 

LED expected lifetime

50,000 hours

Front / Lenses

Clear front / Snap-on Opal lenses

Viewing angle



Built-in Full Colour LEDs

 Addressable pixels

16 (1 ft.), 32 (2 ft.), 64 (4 ft.)

 Colour temperature range

2000K - 10000K (lineal CTC)


8400 nits (modular spacing 38mm)

Fixture length

305mm, 610mm, 1220mm (1,2, 4 ft.)

Maximum units per circuit

65 units with 1220mm (230v)

Testing features

Live remote monitoring, On-fixture testing

Data communication

100 Mb (Gbit via SGM VP Processor)

DMX channels per fixture

3, 6, 192 or 384 with 1220mm length


ArtNet / SACN / VP-Net

LED frequency

1Khz, 4Khz, 16Khz, 32Khz

 Data/Power in- and output

IP Multi-core 8 pin cable with VP-conn.

Temp. range, Operating

-20°C to 60°C

 Thermal Protection

Automatic overtemperature protection

Electrical, Lighting