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Waveguide offers a wide range of lighting control solutions for our clients from general on/ off detection to more complex control systems to suit one's home, business, and commercial premises. 

Offering huge energy savings and adaptable mood lighting. Our systems are easy to use and reliable. Your system gives you complete control by setting times and pre-programmed suited to you.

From general presence detection both standalone to integrated up to full KNX/DALI lighting control systems that tie into the current buildings BMS system. We guarantee we have a system to suit your needs. 

We offer wireless options meaning no additional cost or cabling without affecting the benefits of our modern systems. 

The Wireless dimming system gives you the most cost-effective and simple- to install lighting system, saving you money on cabling and re-decoration. A major advantage of the wireless lighting system is the additional pushbutton controllers may be added or relocated in minutes, with minimum disruption.