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Commercial EV Chargers

Commercial EV Chargers

By highlighting the rise of EV, a very strong, positive message is conveyed. As an electrical contractor who owns experience in the implementation of such sustainable projects, Waveguide is extremely proud to show its support in these evolving times.

Why Should You Install An EV Charger?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming rapidly more popular for their low-emission values which contribute to the necessity for a greener Ireland. Along with this shift, there is equal demand for more accessibility to convenient charging locations as the process of charging for this type of vehicle is time-consuming.

As technology develops, EV charging has become quicker. However, at present, the most budget-friendly EV charging stations are able to juice an average vehicle to full in between three and four hours. As such, workplace inclusion of an EV charger would be a huge benefit to all members of staff.

EV Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers- We Supply and install for the everyday EV Charger. It can be chosen by selecting your design, power rating, and a plug to suit your needs. These Chargers come in various mounting options including wall, pole and integrated options which are available from 3.6kW to 7.2kW single-phase and 11kW to 22kW three-phase. Our specialists can help advise the correct charger for your application and ensure you do not exceed the maximum load available to your premises. We offer the full turnkey solution from design through to handover. Leaving our clients ready for there next journey whether it be the commute to work, the school run or next adventure.

Modular, Scalable and future proof- Our chargers and energy management platform make powering your electric vehicles simple. By combing our intelligent software with our charging infrastructure expertise, we'll optimise your operating costs and ensure both you and your vehicles are fully in charge 

Connect the EO Hub to a Genius charger and unlock smart charging technology. Control your vehicle charge through our app and monitor energy usage using the EO Cloud.

Companies Can Now Write Off 100% Of Their Full Charge Point Supply & Installation.
An SEAI Incentive Helping Companies Invest In Energy Efficient Equipment.

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