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Waveguide - The Technology

Waveguide - The Technology

Our Waveguide Technology challenges industry-standard assumptions of how light is delivered; featuring superior optical efficiency and precise optical control, putting light only where it is needed.

Waveguide technology enables customers to encounter a new generation of lighting experience with enhanced colour quality, virtually zero lumen loss and revolutionary delivery of comfortable light.

Waveguide heralds the dawn of a new era in LED-based lighting incorporating patented waveguide light injection technology utilising Total Internal Reflection (TIR) principle contained within an optically clear light chamber.

A reflector is printed on the chamber that places comfortable light with no wasted lumens, precisely where it is needed with unrivalled uniformity and zero colour shift. This directional beam optimisation means that no light is wasted, providing only useful lumen output.

Power consumption is reduced as there are no secondary optics or diffusers. Glare and intensity are reduced through the increased surface area of the chamber. An ambience is created that cannot be rivalled by any other type of fixture.

Waveguide offers a full product range including bespoke retro-fit products for any application

A REVOLUTION in optical technology, Waveguide Technology provides an entirely new light experience – visual comfort, reduced glare, exceptional uniformity and delivering light only where needed.



Waveguide technology allows for a flat panel, ergonomic design that reduces glare, eliminates intensity, and produces visually comfortable environments by distributing totally uniform light on all surfaces. Quite simply, the difference is phenomenal as existing customers will verify.



Waveguide patented technology allows the release and control of totally uniform light to deliver exceptional optical control. This ensures that light is delivered to the task surface is absolutely consistent and delivers benefits that are unparalleled by any other form of light fixture. Waveguide luminaires distribute the precise amount of light exactly where it is needed – no waste = high efficiency.



Waveguide technology creates very low levels of glare that, in parallel with ideal levels of brightness and superior colour quality for total comfort. The result is an unparalleled type of illumination that creates a more visually pleasing and productive environment in any application.


Human-Centric Benefits

Superior colour definition and CRI, zero colour distortion regardless of beam angle, precise placement of light eliminating unwanted spill, significantly reduced UGR and zero perceivable flicker. These are some of the key benefits of waveguide technology. The result? Eye strain and fatigue massively reduced. Superior colour definition and CRI, critical for intricate, lighting critical tasks, from reading labels correctly, wiring colours, electronic assembly, inspection processes, medical procedures. Elimination of debilitating glare – all work areas benefit from consistent, comfortable light to work under. People feel more secure: they feel safer under the uniformity and colour of Waveguide lighting.